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Business Meeting
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Our Digital Services

Replace Repetitive Storytelling
Extension of Staff

Outsource marketing production

Transitioning to digitalized Multi-Sensory Virtual Pitchbooks

Standard for content demanded by investors 

Multiperiod Marketing Campaign

Digital assets to run Multi-Period Marketing Campaign, honing-in on the ultimate goal for asset managers to effectively raise assets

Creating valuable "Para-Social Interactions" (PSI) with investors

Personal Investor Updates

Transition from "text & attachment" to Multi-Sensory Investor Updates.

Personal and Approachable

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Let technology do the boring, repetitive storytelling, so that the smart humans have more time for the quality added-value work

Filter out irrelevant investors, so asset seekers can focus on the ones who matter

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"Time is a short commodity. We let asset owners focus on their core duties"

The Incos.Media Founders

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