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Our work.

Here you can find the various different applications we use here at INCOS in order to streamline an outdated system. The clips below are a small peek into the work that goes behind providing an innovative concept that makes your investors' communication goals achievable.

The future of investor engagement

Attaining assets from investors is an extremely tedious and time-consuming step in building your future. Founding partner Raphael Blunschi discusses how INCOS takes the innovative path in creating a simple way to make the process more efficient for the benefit of all participants.

One and done.

With our One-and-Done Concept film the full due diligence content of your organization. Subsequently, this digital asset can then be broken up into different and distinct Episodes. Founding partner, Raphael Blunschi, describes how these sub-components then feed into a broader Marketing Campaign. 

In collaboration with our clients, INCOS will establish a Parasocial Marketing Campaign over several months, distributing content at the publicity levels you choose. You do not have to film several times. You only film once, and we will take care of the rest.

The making of an INCOS video

The focal points of creating an INCOS video are simplicity and efficiency. This tutorial provided by founding partner Stefan Maucher is easy to follow and presents users with the practical functionality of the concept.

The future of manager engagement

The current practice of manager updates has several flaws: 1) They are done through an analyst who filters information based on personal biases. 2) Update calls are unstructured and tend to have a random agenda. 3) Investor reports are sent in all different shapes and forms which makes meaningful aggregation challenging. 4) Update calls might be conducted by a salesperson or product specialist, rather than the PM or CIO, and 5) An update call needs to be memorialized by writing meeting notes which is administrative and cumbersome. The founding partner, Raphael Blunschi, discusses how INCOS addresses these challenges.

Additional use-cases

Thanks to the valuable feedback of our clients, our Parasocial Multisensory Virtual Pitchbooks have found a series of additional uses cases. In this session, Raphael Blunschi, founding partner, will touch on a few of them and explain, how INCOS’ offering provides asset managers an edge to successfully raise assets in a highly productive way.

Stage fright: how we can help

Being in front of a camera can feel uncomfortable without the proper support from the production team. Founding partner Raphael Blunschi discusses how the directors at INCOS ease managers into presenting in their own videos.

“Our offering is a win/win all around. Quite frankly, a no-brainer”

- The INCOS Founders

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