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June 30th, 2021

Thank you to Hedge Fund Alert for featuring us in your latest weekly update highlighting our rapid growth and the efficiency our Virtual Pitchbooks provide for hedge fund managers who are looking to engage with potential investors in a highly personal manner.

"We have found that allocators are showing high captivation rates due to the Virtual Pitchbook multisensory features", Incos.Media Cofounder Raphael Blunschi 

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May 10th, 2021

Where other industries have progressed in leaps and bounds, the asset management industry lags behind to the detriment of efficient asset allocation and our environment.


The asset management industry assembles some of the smartest people. Forward-thinking investors spot new trends, innovative researchers identify new ways to gather and analyze data, and savvy technologists harness advancements in equipment, networks, and software to be faster and smarter. However, one component of the asset management industry remains frozen in time: investor engagement and its impact on our environment.

Whether for traditional mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, or new security issuances, C-level executives conduct an exhausting amount of repetitive storytelling while traveling around the world and polluting the environment.



April 19, 2021

Marks a New Fintech Company Disrupting the Asset Management Industry


New York, NY, April 19th, 2021 –Incos.Media, a team of former investors with distinctive skills, spanning filmmaking, software engineering, and analytics have launched Incos ‘Virtual Pitchbook,’ an innovative and insightful technology offering designed to help asset managers with the convenience of efficiently creating and delivering remotely produced fully digitalized due diligence videos and investor updates.
Incos.Media combines nearly two decades of experience each on the buy-side/due diligence allocating to hedge funds, supporting asset managers and allocators as a fund administrator, and engineering software across leading financial service companies. Furthermore, the founders have several years of professional film production experience ranging from music videos and animations to corporate advertising campaigns and documentaries.

"We will be excited to work with you. Our mission is to serve you as our client in the best possible way. Your success is our success."

The Incos.Media Founders